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Daily Aquarium Maintenance

Daily Aquarium Maintenance
Doing Daily Maintenance in your aquarium is a crucial way to having a healthy and clean aquarium. Daily maintenance helps prevent diseases from happening in your aquarium.

Here are tips on doing maintenance:

Tip #1. Changing 15-20% water changes weekly. Doing water changes don't just help clean the aquarium it helps to prevent diseases, and prevent water chemistry changes (ex:nitrates).

Tip #2. Check the thermometer of your aquarium. Checking the thermometer will help prevent rapid temperature changes in your aquarium. Rapid temperature changes could bring a lot of stress to the fish. So be careful when your changing water. Only use warm water to change the water but not too hot.

Tip #3. Check fish for diseases and odd behavior. Checking fish's for disease helps to prevent spread of disease because you can act early and setup a quarantine tank to separate the fish.
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