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DIY Aquarium CO2 System

DIY Aquarium CO2 System
When people want to start a planted tank they just buy plants and fertilizer but they always forget one thing. CO2! CO2 is important to plants because it helps plants to make food for themselves. Do I Have to have more CO2? It depends on how many plants you have. The more plants the more CO2 needed in your aquarium. But don't just depend on CO2 because plants need nutrients, and lighting. Some people thinks getting a pressurized CO2 is too expensive so people make a DIY Yeast CO2 system. The yeast method is safe, effective, eco-friendly, and easy to use for a planted aquarium.
Here is the instructions for making a DIY Aquarium CO2 system.
Materials You Need:
A two liter soda bottle
2 two liter soda Bottle Cap
Aquarium Airline Tube (Silicone Tubing is recommended)
A check valve (to prevent the mixture siphoning back into your aquarium)
Aquarium Silicone or A Glue Gun
Drill (To make a hole on the cap)
An Aquarium CO2 Diffuser or an airstone (But we recommend an Aquarium CO2 Diffuser better)
First Make a hole on one your cap. Then insert the aquarium airline tube into the hole, make sure it is 2-3 cm below the cap. Then spread aquarium silicone or glue from glue gun and let it dry, note: silicone takes longer to dry so dry it for a day. Then put an aquarium CO2 diffuser or an airstone on the airline tube part that goes into the aquarium. Remember to put the check valve on to prevent the mixture siphoning back into your aquarium.

How to make the Aquarium CO2 yeast mixture.
Materials You Will Need.
1 teaspoon of Yeast
1 Cup of Sugar
1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda (if you are living in an area with soft water)
6-7 Cups of luke warm water
First get a funnel because if you don't it will make a big mess. Then put the sugar into the bottle, right after that put the yeast into the bottle. If you are living in an area with soft water put some baking soda in. Then pour 6-7 cups of luke warm water. Then get one of the bottle cap without the hole and put it on and shake the mixture well. Then put the cap with the airline back on. The Aquarium CO2 system will produce CO2 for 15 days. After 15 Days you will have to make the mixture again.
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